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I have ordered Katonah Barn Door Handle from Horse of a Different Color and I have to say those guys are AMAZING!!!! The handle is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! It is of a very good quality and it will look fantastic on my barn doors. Apart from that their customer service is great. Mary is professional and truly interested in your needs and project. Answers to questions come promptly. I would highly recommend Horse of a Different Color to anyone!!

--Dubravka Van Bergen--



I received the Snaffle Bit rod and it is perfect! THANK YOU!    As soon as the curtains are done and they are hung I will send you pictures. I think they will be adorable with the rod. I've been telling everyone about your website!   Maureen


" I am writing to enter your contest to win a pillow..
Pick me to win your pillow. I have adopted a slow racehorse from a horse rescue. Cyclone Daryl just wanted to be petted when I saw him in the adoption paddock. I rubbed face and when I turned to leave he put his head over my shoulder and pulled me back. He is a friendly fellow and must have been lost at the track. I fully believe that the reason he was not a successful racehorse is was that he saw all of the other horses as his new friends and he wanted to run 'with them' and not 'away' from them. Daryl has chewed up everything that comes near his mouth. He has so far chewed up 4 blankets, 2 fly masks, 2 battery operated water flow indicators for the automatic waters, one coat and can escape from almost anything. He can turn doorknobs and get in the garage and tackroom. Stall latches, easy. He kicked my mare twice and can't be in the same pasture with her. He also raked his teeth across the hood of my truck and left a nice zig zag in the paint. Despite his swath of destruction I love this horse. I deserve something to do with racehorses that isn't chewed up! Plus if you pick me I will send you a picture of this character mugging for the camera.
Thank you
Lynn "




Our St. Patty's Day runner up Frederick Walter Timothy Loehfelm

" ‘Tis a year or two gone by that me and the Redheaded Misses (Ginger in Ireland) set off to tour the pubs of Ireland. The lay of the land in the Isle of Green was to avoid the pubs with big neon signs announcing the bands for the evenings (I made up the part about the signs, there isn’t a single neon signs in all of Ireland) but, where was I now? Oh yes, we were to look for pub with a little hand written sign tacked to the door that might say, Liam and Sean might stop by. This was known in Gaelic as, Crack Agus Ceoil, or just simply CRACK, to note ‘the possibility’ of a pick up band might be stoppin’ by.
Good crack could start with just a fiddler sitting in a booth, almost as if tuning-up, and the next thing you’d know 6-8 friends would ‘somehow’ just appear and you've got yourselves a fabulous Irish music festival. Our only job was to make sure their glasses never went empty, ya’ kno.
But, finding no little sign outside this wonderful pub in Galway called The Quay, we walked in anyway, amazed by the decorum. The entire two-story pub was once a church, with magnificent stain-glass windows and all, where the holy water was once used fer blessin’, not fer drinkin’, ya' kno. We found the Quay to be a very popular watering hole for the young folks, so they set us at a little table up in the choir loft looking down over the three-deep bar. Then almost on cue, someone turned off the jukebox as this young man stood up on the bar rail down – right down in front of us - and began in his finest tenor voice sang, "Oh Danny Boy..." Three of four of his friends joined in song; they had obviously done this before. The entire placed rattled to its core, but without a dry eye to be seen. They sang a few more, but never paid for another drop to drink.
This version of Danny Boy by Celtic Thunder on 5th Avenue in NYC is as close to the way those talent Crack-men sang that night at The Quay. Enjoy ;)
You have to get past a short commercial – worth it:

Fred "


" I have a duvet and it is beautiful!! Love it!! Quality is the best." 

Dorothianne Henne, Topanga,California


 "So soft & the embroidery puts them in a whole different category! Gorgeous."

 Gail Stefani, Cle Elum,Washington