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Green Horse

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Green Horse

horse-green-sm.png  This link will keep you up to date on the latest environmentally friendly horse products, tips on how to make your horse a green equine and reduce your horses's carbon hoof print.



The easiest way to create a Green Barn is the with the use of natural light and ventilation. Proper air flow and lighting can be achieved naturally by using passive principles of design without the need of energy consuming fans and light bulbs. The use of skylights can provide enough natural light that you use less electric lights during the day, which will cut energy costs and both human and horses prefer natural light over electric. To keep both healthy, a barn should act as a circulation machine constantly replacing stale air with fresh, clean air from the outside. Poorly ventilated barns can contribute to respiratory infections in your horse. Proper ventilation is also important to your health. Tufts University recently did a study that found that 50% of stable workers suffering from respiratory illnesses were due to poor air quality in their barns.

Even though this is not Horse related - I felt that their accountability factor rated high enough to warrant posting it ! read on about the lobby:
Every once in a while, a project comes along that changes the way designers think about green. The Bullitt Center in Seattle is one of those rare cases—it's the first urban mid-rise commercial project designed and built to meet the stringent requirements of the Living Building Challenge, a certification program with seven key performance criteria: site, water, energy, health, materials, equity and beauty. Put simply, it's being billed as the world's greenest office building.

As part of the ambitious program, the center will continually meter its energy production and usage and display it in the lobby and on the internet. How's that for accountability when it comes to living the green ethos?


Keeping Your Pastures Green:                                                                                                    

There are many ways to improve the performance of your established pastures. One idea is to purchase an inexpensive soil test kit to maintain a dense, vigorous sod that will withstand the constant trampling of horses. The testing will help you determine the type and amount of fertilizer that is needed for good pasture growth. This will also help prevent nutrient run off from over-fertilized pastures and can improve your horse’s nutrition.


Install a Bird House

Well now that Spring has officially arrived and the sun is actually out today here in Seattle, I thought it would be be a fitting time for a "Green Horse" post!

Here is a simple solution for all those insects that arrive with Spring....

                                 install a Bird House!

It will not only make you happy hearing all those birds singing....but birds eat thousands of flying insects a day!!!  Think of how much you'll save on pesticides !   BONUS:  You will not only be helping the environment, you'll be helping you & your horse's health, too!!!!


Recycle All Those Plastic Bottles Into Insulation

Barn owners are making decisions everyday in an attempt to be more eco-conscious. Recycling and reducing energy consumption are two of the best ways to make an impact. Why not combine the two?...with plastic bottle insulation.

The theory is simple, anything that traps air can be used as insulation, and the fact remains that used water bottles already overflow our trash bins and landfills. Given them new life between your walls will reduce heating and energy cost.