Horse Of A Different Color

Katonah Barn Door Handle

Katonah Barn Door Handle

Our custom designed Katonah Collection Barn Door Handle gives any door a classic equestrian feel. Our hardware is cast and welded in metal of recycle iron and aluminum.

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Product Details

To bring out the beauty of the designs, our door pulls are made with a unique hand finish which combines multi-layers of paint colors to create our "Special Finishes." Items are painted at time of order to insure uniformity and consistency for the entire order (everything ordered will be from the same lot similar to fabric dye lots or wallpaper runs). Of course, as with all hand-painted items, some variation is expected.


  • Antique Brown
  • Olde Black*
  • Matte Brown
  • Matte Black**

The basic finishes offer substantial resistance to scratches and abrasion. These colors are applied in a high-tech, environmentally friendly facility using automated lines to thoroughly clean and prepare the metal pieces for this baked-on powder-coated finish. The result is a very durable and consistent finish. Using the baked-on basic finish as a base coat, the hand-applied special finishes may then be applied to only the finial, or to the whole rod, brackets, and rings. Always use extra care in handling for any special finish product, as only the solid black and solid brown colors are baked on.

* Olde Black special finish (hand-painted matte black with undertones of rusty red and sienna (non-metallic yellowish gold) undertones.
** Matte Black is powder coated.

 Made in USA

About Katonah

Katonah is named for Chief Katonah, an American Indian from whom the land of Bedford was purchased by a group of English colonists. Founded with the name Whitlockville, the town changed its name and later was moved to its present site in 1897, when the construction of the Cross River Reservoir flooded its former site (Old Katonah). More than 50 buildings were moved from the old site to New Katonah and were rolled on logs pulled by horses. The move was originally ordered to start in 1894, but litigation delayed the process by almost three years. Katonah was not the only village affected by New York City's growing demand for water.

The hamlet of Katonah has a total population of 4,605 people (according to a 2010 census). Martha Stewart lives in Katonah, down the road from the John Jay estate.