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Yorktown Drapery Rings With Eyelet (Set of 10)

Yorktown Drapery Rings With Eyelet (Set of 10)

Our matching drapery rings with eyelet are made to work with our Somers Collection Rods (sold separately). These rings are made of solid 1/4" round steel rod.

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Product Details

Size: 2” outer diameter with 1 1/2" inner diameter


  • Antique Brown
  • Olde Black*
  • Matte Brown
  • Matte Black**

The basic finishes offer substantial resistance to scratches and abrasion. These colors are applied in a high-tech, environmentally friendly facility using automated lines to thoroughly clean and prepare the metal pieces for this baked-on powder-coated finish. The result is a very durable and consistent finish. Using the baked-on basic finish as a base coat, the hand-applied special finishes may then be applied to only the finial, or to the whole rod, brackets, and rings. Always use extra care in handling for any special finish product, as only the solid black and solid brown colors are baked on.

* Olde Black special finish (hand-painted matte black with undertones of rusty red and sienna (non-metallic yellowish gold) undertones.
** Matte Black is powder coated.

Made in the USA.

About Yorktown Heights

We named our Drapery Rod Collection after a small town I had lived in called Yorktown Heights in Westchester County, New York. Yorktown has a rich historical heritage beginning with the earliest known inhabitants — Mohegan, Osceola, Amawalk, Kitchawan, and Mohansic — all familiar names of local places. Yorktown was strategically important during the American Revolution. A regiment of Rhode Island troops guarded the Pines Bridge crossing, made up mostly of African Americans who were massacred at the Davenport House in Croton Heights. Major John Andre, a British officer who communicated with Benedict Arnold, ate his final breakfast at the Underhill House on Hanover Street just before his capture and eventual hanging as a spy.

In 1788 the township was officially incorporated as Yorktown, commemorating the decisive Revolutionary War Battle of Yorktown near Yorktown, Virginia, on October 19, 1781.

Although rumors claim that George Washington passed through Yorktown, no factual records confirm this.